Site Menu Redesign Feedback and Proposals

Here you have my feedback and a few proposals related to the “first proposal for the menu redesign”.

Everything could be optimized step by step using our “collective intelligence” and I appreciate that you asked for feedback from other SoFA members.

You already received some feedback and I’m sure you will receive more as people will come back from their holiday.

For example, I would split the “About Sociocracy For All” in two tabs: “Our Vision, Mission and Aims” just after “What is Sociocracy?” and another tab named "More about Sociocracy For All’’ at the end of "Discover’’ section. I would also add another tab right into the “Discover” section named "Social Justice Statement’'. I think people would be interested in how we position ourselves regarding the social environment. I also think that a tab named “How to use sociocracy” would be useful in the “Discover” section:


What is sociocracy?
Our Mission, Vision and Aims
Social Justice Statement
How to use sociocracy?
More about Sociocracy For All
Resources (books, articles, events)

I think this would be a useful entry into the SoFA site. All the other tabs are useful and may be added in their respective sections.

I would change the name of the second section from “Learn” to “Knowledge” Why? Because many people would like to find more about sociocracy, but not all of them would recognize that in order to know more they have to learn. I think that naming this section “Knowledge” would make more people become curious and click on the section’s name to find out more.


Who Decides Who Decides?
Many Voices One Song
Let’s Decide Together
Free Intros
Full Clases
Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT)
Sociocracy Academy
All Events

I guess the “Community” section could start with “How to become a member?” tab.


How to become a member?
Discussion Forum

I also think the “Donate” word should be changed by “Support Us” and there should become a section that includes more tabs, like:

Support Us

Make a proposal

Also, about “Donate” I think it would be useful to give people more specific options to donate for, like:

Donate for …

SoFA Infrastructure
Spreading Sociocracy
Paid Staff

Your friend,
because I care

p.s. Here you can find the post and all the related comments.