Slocan Statement - a framework for the fediverse! A step towards governance for the online commons

Hey FOSC community, an exciting thing is afoot :stuck_out_tongue:

@john.l.clark @leila.tite @nathalie.szycher @ahmed.avais
@laine.wyldling-wcp and @TedRau you might also find this interesting!

Check out this toot which happens to be from one of the founding engineers of Twitter: the Slocan Statement

It’s basically a rough draft of a framework for principles for the fediverse to develop around.

Link to the statement:

Here’s an excellent primer for the fediverse and ActivityPub, it’s underlying structure:

Curious what y’all think! :slight_smile:

That is exciting! Maybe this whole twitter drama is going to be good for something. :crazy_face: