So, you want to practice sociocracy with children? (Hope Wilder)

Originally published at: So, you want to practice sociocracy with children? (Hope Wilder) | Sociocracy For All

Sociocracy is easily picked up by children with practice. This presentation will focus on steps to take to practice sociocracy with children in small groups, from finding a children’s domain to practicing consent decision making together.

This thread is inviting you to deepen the discussion.

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Hope, I so appreciated hearing about your experiences about things like safe running in the halls and the TV proposal (‘kids will become zombies!’)!

I taught kids for the better part of my life and found the power-over structures unbearable to participate in, so it’s so exciting and inspiring to hear your stories, and imagine the kids engaging in the process!

I really appreciated the quality of the information you provided - specific suggestions for age groups, how to adapt meetings, etc.

I’m so excited to see what other questions people have!

Thanks, CJ! It was a lot of fun to present and share these stories.

I hear you about authority- I decided years ago that I just can’t participate in power-over structures with children, and that I can no longer be an “enforcer” of rules they have no voice in.

I hope this presentation can be helpful to others! I’ll add if anyone wants to follow up with other questions or if you have a project you’re looking for help with, you can reach me at

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Really loved your presentation. Too often I see people making sociocracy complicated, but what you are showing is that you can keep it simple. I think there is a lot adults can learn from this approach. Beautiful work you are doing, heartfelt thank you for sharing.