Sociocracy across multiple organizations - any examples

Often sociocracy is used within one organization - does anyone know of examples of this?

In a way, with all the circles, sociocracy is already structured in this way, but more often than not it is ultimately confined within an organization. This gives a central organizing vision and mission, which is nice.

This come up because I was reading this thread about possible fediverse governance models and I was thinking into applying sociocracy there and realizing that it would really take sociocratic collaboration across different organizations.

I’ve noticed that when this happens in SoFA there’s a bit of interesting synching of practices, which is always a bit fun.

But does anyone of explicit experience with practicing sociocracy across multiple organizations?

Some close examples could be:
Sociocracia Practica and Sociocracy for All - we are actually technically two legal entities even, though we have such close roots and the same administrative umbrella.
The International Sociocracy Certification Board - except that it’s really people coming from different orgs to collaborate - it’s not clear how much the orgs themselves are extensions - but this could be an example.

Do you know of others?

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I do not know others but this is a frame on how think of partnerships in a sociocratic context.

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