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Time is a limited resource and we all have 24h / day.

I guess that consciously or unconsciously we are using our time to fulfill our needs.

Sometimes we don’t have enough time to do it all, but we always need energy to move on.

It’s still incredible for me how a drop of good inspiration could help somebody refresh and refill his/her battery with energy.

As I discovered, quotes are small packages of knowledge and wisdom that instantly could facilitate the change of our mood for better, reactivate our minds and hearts and access the energy we need to go on from a deadlock.

I cannot always verify who said for the first time a certain combination of words, but this is not so important for me. What I’m interested in is the effect a good combination of words could have on us and how these words could influence us.

I guess you already know, I mean you already went through a situation where other words influenced you in a way or another.

Focus is a wonderful tool for effectiveness and efficiency.

A good quote helps us focus on something, then we can use this state to focus on anything else we need to do our work and bring on the results we are looking for.

I observed that sometimes quotes are underestimated, because someone can’t brag about reading a quote like he/she can brag about reading a book, even if the right quote at the right time can help you more than a whole book.

It’s hard to remember the entire content of a book in a moment, but you can be inspired in a moment by the content of a suitable quote.

That’s why I am moved by the idea to start a project that could structure the available knowledge about sociocracy in “quotes containers”.

This would offer a light approach to sociocracy for the newcomers and a reason to remember for those who already are more experienced.

How about making sociocracy quotes become sociocracy ambassadors?

In case you have ideas related to such a project, here is a good place to comment and share your opinion on this proposal.

Let’s inspire each other in order to move on and spread sociocracy persistently.

I see myself as an ambassador for sociocracy and I think many others feel the same about themselves.

It would be better to work together, wouldn’t it?

Adrian, your friend.

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