Sociocracy and American Sign Language - Academy

Hey there
It looks like we might have a small sub-cohort in the Academy in 2023 that uses ASL (American Sign Language) for communication. That’s wonderful! I’ve been wishing for more sociocracy resources in ASL for a long time!
So to make this happen, it would be great to have 1-2 more people who are proficient in ASL in the Academy. So if you - or someone you know - have not been wanting to apply because you thought it might not work to participate, please reconsider!

(Note to everyone else: please share!
But please keep in mind that signed languages are full languages like all others so for example, British Sign Language and ASL are separate and different languages. That means this post only applies to ASL, not any other signed language.)

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Yes, Sign Languages are all different. In Italy there are also “dialects”. Considering that the use of SL is decreasing (as a father of a profoundly deaf teen who received a cochlear implant, I never needed to learn LIS, Italian Sign Language, nor did my daughter) and considering the increasing number of Hard of Hearing people, it would be great to activate subtitles on all Zoom meetings: they could also help people who aren’t native English speakers in listening, people who are native English speakers to understand when their pace is too high, and there are also add-ons that can make speech-to-text, helping note-takers.