Sociocracy and LLC Membership and Roles

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I have recently started a member managed LLC in Michigan, USA, and we are using Sociocracy as our governance model. Although we are currently a 2 member partnership we want to create some documents which will guide us thoughtfully into the future (not withstanding we can propose adaptions to them if required ofc).

We have been writing our ā€˜Operating Agreementā€™ and most suggested examples I have found of LLC operating agreements designate roles such as; President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

We had considered that there could be a situation where people who are employed by the LLC may not be members, in an equity sense, and as such I was wondering if a non member could hold an Officer role within the LLC?

Are there any Sociocractic LLC operating agreement examples I might look through?

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As far as I know, LLCs do not require officers. Basically, LLCs are setups where you write how you want to operate - the "operating agreementā€™ among the partners of the LLC. The major issue is being clear if you will be a member-managed LLC or manager-managed LLC (see Member-Managed vs. Manager-Managed LLC | LLC Management Structure | Nolo)

Here are two LLC operating agreements that include sociocracy. I have not looked into sociocratic LLCs in a few years so I am not up to date. You will also find sociocratic governance agreements on SoFAā€™s website: legalizing-sociocracy

LLC agreement from the book We the People

New York LL operating agreement: