Sociocracy and NVC Community of Practice Coordinator

This role receives support from Continuing Education Circle (does not require attendance at circle meetings)

Email to inquire

Sociocracy and NVC Community of Practice Coordinator

Role Description:

Facilitating and supporting a Sociocracy and Nonviolent Communication CoP


  • Scheduling of CoP meetings
  • Facilitation of CoP sessions (unless another person is selected)
    • Opening round
    • Announcements
    • Build instant agenda (brainstorm round of topics, propose agenda, get consent)
    • Agenda items: facilitation and time management
    • Closing round
  • Managing the CoP participants
    • inviting new CoP participants
    • making sure CoP participants are SoFA Members
    • onboarding new CoP participants and connecting them with the SoFA Membership Guide
    • orientation around the CoP
    • Moderating and curating the forum space
    • managing the Sociocracy and NVC CoP email list
  • Communicate with parent circle or Help Desk.
  • Communicate with related circles

Guided by (policies, workflows):

So You Want to Launch a CoP

Collaborates with:

Continuing Education Circle CoP Coordinator


Able and willing to show up to facilitate monthly CoP meetings
Able and willing to complete the activities listed above (training will be provided)
Interested in NVC
Current member of SoFA


Around 2hrs/month

Compensation (if applicable)

This is a volunteer position


1 year


Hello Shala,
I love the communities of practice (CoPs) and I support their existence and functioning. I will do my best to to earn more badges (besides those I already earned on on the discussion forum) to respond positively to such an appealing invitation in the future. I appreciate the work you do and the contribution you bring to SoFA. Thanks for everything.
Your friend,
because I care

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