Sociocracy Appetizers

Sociocracy Appetizers

I don’t know you.

I don’t know who you are, unless you give me feedback or if you make a comment.

I know you are, as long as you read this post, but the system doesn’t tell me more, so I am almost blind about you.

Fortunately you can read what I feel to say and the bridge between us is half done. The other half depends on you, you know …

Now, I would like to say something about appetizers.

Did you have the occasion to use them somewhere? A party or a special dinner, for example?

What is the purpose of appetizers?

Do they make you feel like you’ve eaten?

I guess the answer is no. However, the appetizers make you want to eat more - make you hungry.

Well, this is the point of this short post.

Quotes are like appetizers. They won’t feed you too much, but they will make you want more - more knowledge, of course.

A few months ago I proposed to compile a collection of quotes.

I named it “365+ Sociocracy Quotes For All

Yes, I guess one quote a day would help many of us focus on something related to sociocracy daily.

Would everybody use it? Probably not. Not everyone reads the books either, at least for a while.

Why? I guess they are not hungry, yet.

Will somebody like the idea and use it to influence his / her attitude about sociocracy?

I think so.

I think many people will use 5 minutes / day to read a selected quote and, maybe, another few minutes to think about, over the entire day.

Would it help us focus on sociocracy?

I think so.

Would this help us spread sociocracy worldwide?

I think so.

Well, I am not neither in the right circle, nor in the right domain to decide it will be done officially, but I guess I’m in the right domain to think and to share my own thoughts. Or not?

What do you think about a book that gives people 365 (or more) quotes per year, at least one for each day?

Are you the person who thinks on your own and shares an opinion or you prefer just to be informed and see what happens?

Whatever the situation would be, I think a quote per day would be a good and inspiring companion for you. Or not?

Your friend,
because I care

p.s. As I told you, I am not neither in the right circle, nor in the right domain to decide if this work will be an official SoFA project. However, I was inspired to propose it while I was working on a project at SoLT 20 with Ted, Dem, Molly, Ida and Mads. SoLT 20 and all these fellows inspired me to make this proposal. What will it be? I guess it could be what we will build!

In case you are interested, here you can find out more about SoLT 21. I was a student in SoLT 20 and I recommend it. Is a “all in one” training.