Sociocracy facilitation practice opportunity - 2023.05.29, CoP-F East & CoP-F West, 90 minutes

Monday, 2023.05.29, 90 minutes

CoP-F East from 14:00 UTC & CoP-F West from 18:30 UTC


If you are looking for opportunities to practice sociocracy facilitation processes, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Join a sociocracy-focused organization:

Look for organizations that actively practice sociocracy and volunteer to support their facilitation efforts. This can involve assisting in facilitating meetings, workshops, or training sessions within the organization. SoFA (Sociocracy For All) is a representative organization to learn, practice sociocracy facilitation processes. Here you can register for SoFA Community of Practice for Facilitators of sociocratic circles.

  1. Start a sociocracy study group:

Gather a group of individuals interested in learning and practicing sociocracy. Create a study group where you can explore sociocratic principles, practice facilitation techniques, and engage in role-playing scenarios to enhance your facilitation skills. Here you can register for SoFA Community of Practice for Facilitators of sociocratic circles.

  1. Offer your facilitation services:

Reach out to organizations or groups that are interested in implementing sociocracy and offer your facilitation services. This can involve facilitating meetings, training sessions, or providing guidance on the implementation process. Registering our CoP-F you will find a lot of opportunities to practice facilitation in sociocratic meetings. By continuously preparing, you will have more confidence in yourself and you will be prepared to deal well with any situation of being a facilitator.

  1. Attend sociocracy workshops and conferences:

Look for workshops, conferences, or training programs focused on sociocracy. Participate in these events to gain insights into facilitation techniques and learn from experienced sociocracy practitioners. This SoFA training is extremely useful for learning and practicing sociocratic facilitation scenarios: Facilitation practice – everything at once! (5 weekly sessions)

  1. Collaborate with other sociocracy facilitators:

Connect with other sociocracy facilitators in your area or online. Collaborate with them to co-facilitate meetings or share experiences and best practices. This can provide valuable learning opportunities and enhance your facilitation skills. Our SoFA Community of Practice for Facilitators is a good place to meet other facilitators and share experiences and good practices of sociocratic facilitating processes.

  1. Practice facilitation within your own community or organization:

Offer to facilitate meetings or discussions within your community or organization using sociocratic principles. This can be a valuable opportunity to apply and refine your facilitation skills while promoting the benefits of sociocracy. To be well prepared, we invite you to join our SoFA Community of Pracice for Facilitators (CoP-F), using this link to register.

Please remember that facilitation skills are developed through practice and experience.

Be open to feedback, reflect on your facilitation sessions, and continuously seek opportunities to learn and grow in your sociocracy facilitation practice.

Don’t forget that being a well prepared facilitator is an essential component in the sociocracy leadership.

Best wishes.

p.s. Participating on SoFA Communities of Practice is a way to learn more about sociocracy.

As any sociocratic circle need a facilitator, I invite you to register and participate in the Community of Practice for Facilitators - (CoP-F).


To find more about the Community of Practice for Facilitators I invite you to read this post:

Becoming a SoFA member is also a good opportunity to learn and practice sociocracy.

Best wishes.

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