Sociocracy in Healthcare settings- any experience out there?

I am working in the National Health Service (NHS) government funded healthcare in the UK, in a department of 15-20. I have been doing a soft sociocracy introduction of rounds, check ins and planning a short workshop on consent . I would really also like to give them a glimpse of another department in a large government organization (healthcare or other sector) that might be already implementing sociocracy or, another self-organizing system. I do know about the Buurtzog model, and am contacting them as well- I am also open to any general tips - on implementing in behemoth organizations:) @TedRau @duyoung.jeong

Hm… @emma.back comes to mind.

I have talked to to some doctors and nurses who are very dissatisfied with healthcare governance and it seems like sociocracy would support them but the closest things that comes to mind is @wendy.pearle 's midwife cooperative (which I don’t think is sociocratic, but Wendy is a SoFA Member).

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Thank you CJ! I will get in contact with Wendy. I am meeting with someone from Buurtzorg UK today to see what I can learn about their efforts and also ask them if they know about sociocracy. I am also thinking of seeing if my local National Health Service region would put some classes on about sociocracy and/or Buurtzorg. For those of you who don’t know about Buurtzorg, it is a self managing/organizing system that started with community nursing in the Netherlands and has been so successful it has spread to other countries- the word Buurtzorg means Neighborhood

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