Sociocracy & The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity! (by David Graeber)

Who’s reading the Dawn of Everything?!

It’s an amazing book that cites a lot of under-represented histories and sources tying them together into what seems to be a more illuminating narrative of how governments became what they are.

There are some amazing questions in the book! I’d love to discuss them, especially in the context of Sociocracy!

Who’s in? Have you already started reading?

Perhaps we can cite some specific parts and discuss, and/or explore particular themes? I could posit questions for discussion or we could go along section be section if people like that structure. What do you think?


I am almost half way! and just seeing this post : ( i see a lot of relevancy to the history of Sociocracy though! I will keep this in mind as I continue reading : )

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