Sociocratic New Year's Resolution

we approach the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our goals for the upcoming year. Have you considered setting sociocracy-related resolutions for 2024? Here are a few ideas to inspire your sociocratic journey:

  1. Deepen Understanding and Practice of Sociocracy: Whether you’re just starting your sociocracy journey or seeking to enhance your understanding, dedicate time in the coming year to deepen your knowledge and actively practice sociocratic principles.
  • Embrace Consent in Decision-Making in Daily Life: Consent decision-making isn’t confined to formal meetings; it’s a valuable approach applicable to daily life. Consider incorporating consent into your decision-making processes outside of meetings, recognizing its effectiveness in ensuring everyone’s needs are heard and valued.
  • Cultivate Inclusive Social Spaces : Extend the sociocratic value of inclusivity to your social circles. Actively seek out diverse perspectives, make space for everyone to contribute, and ensure that social decisions are made with the collective well-being in mind. This promotes a sense of community and shared responsibility.
  • Expand the Reach of Sociocracy*:* Explore opportunities to introduce sociocracy principles to new sectors or teams within your organization. Share the benefits of sociocracy with colleagues and consider how its principles align with other frameworks, such as Agile practices or cooperative principles, to enhance collaboration and decision-making.

Share your sociocratic new years restolution in the forum!

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One goal this year I’m working on is to get the Firefly Earthskills Gathering (an organization I’m on the board of) using more sociocratic practices throughout! We’ve already woven it in many ways and are meetings are basically sociocratic at the board level, plus SoFA’s classes and sociocratic twists on the conventional annual staff reviews won the director over, but there’s still a lot to do!

Additionally, I’m starting a housing cooperative that will be using sociocracy this year, so getting the new resident trained up and practicing will be a big goal as well!

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Mi goal this year is to be able to explain sociocracy to people I meet in a way that makes them curious : ) Right now I only make them confused, but I know it is because it is so far removed from their reality. Tips and resources are welcome! Haha love ya


That’s worth a thread in it’s own right @samara ! Curious to hear people’s sociocracy elevator pitches!

Have you ever read Marketing Made Simple? Highly recommend… For website design in particular, but also pitches :slight_smile: