SoFa in the fediverse - maybe lemmy / kbin is a better fit

the SoFa mastodon account seems to be a twitter repeater (which is fine, less overhead), but perhaps the threadiverse would be a more practical place to post articles, events, etc.


@cj.oreilly What do you think?
Also tagging Outreach @pcarmona

social media circle is the one responsible for our mastodon account. So tagging @alma_gisela.garcia_g here

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Thanks for bringing this to the forum!

Yes, so far SoFA’s Mastodon is re-posting twitter content - I set this up because IMO Mastodon and the Fediverse in general are more aligned with SoFA’s values, particularly, which is a cooper Mastodon instance.

Since they are both microblogging platforms, the hope is that the content is reasonably appropriate, however it’s true that the the re-posted content isn’t always fully functional and sometimes off-topic because it’s re-tweets. This does generally seem to be true, with only a portion of the content being links (which are part of the microblogging format).

My understanding is that a small portion of the posts are articles and external pages, and that most of the content is microblog format, including images and original text, with a portion of them being events.

So far, when approached about it, SoFA’s social media circle has said they don’t have the capacity to manage new social media channels, including Mastodon, so I doubt they’d want to adopt another, especially with a format they aren’t familiar with, but Ted’s tagged them so maybe they will consider it :slight_smile:

I definitely agree that Mastodon-specific content would be an upgrade, and we’ve gotten that feedback in the past, but usually when hearing the situation people are more happy to see the content on Mastodon than have issue with it being sometimes less perfect, so we’ve kept the repeater active.

I also think that abandoning twitter would be ideal given its progressively extreme lack of alignment as a platform and the exodus that’s followed those changes.


Maybe we could view this another way, not to give extra work to anyone, but to treat the open source social media as purview of the open source circle?

Maybe working from the theory that people on open source social media are bound to be more passionate about open source than those that are not?


Sorry if it’s obvious for everyone, but by “threadiverse” do you mean Fediverse, or the new Facebook Thread application?
Thanks a lot…

Someone made a comparison of a few accounts, and found that in the fediverse the rate of response and dialog (when it was really for that and not drone posting) relative to Twitter was 50/1. That is, there are 50 times more responses in the Fediverse than in Twitter. :slight_smile:


I meant Lemmy and Kbin.

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Yes, this is a well-documented thing and a big reason to focus on the Fediverse/Mastodon.

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I think probably Threads hadn’t been released when you posted that even, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great idea, but nobody from the FOSC circle is up for coordinating that - but if there was someone who wanted to work on that, we could certianly work out a way to work with them either via Social Media cIrcle or FOSC.

Yes… And now in (and many other places) we are discussing how to tackle this Threat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If it doesn’t take a lot of time, I’d be happy to help.

Some talks about the Fediverse have already started with David Cebrián and some circle (which now I can’t remember which one was).

Yes, it was still in the making… :rofl: