SoFA's budget - explanation and links

Hey there
GC approved the budget for Q2 today.
If you’re curious about it, you can have a look at this spreadsheet.
budget | This document has several tabs:

  • Tab 1 (Balance) shows that we made $24,000 more than we spent in Q1, but that we’re projecting to lose money in Q2, and even more in Q3. We approved the budget for Q2, knowing that we’d have to deal with Q3.
  • Tab 2 (12-month budget) shows the income projections (yellow) vs. actuals (green) at the top; at the bottom, it does the expenses according to Quickbook (which currently counts by budget item, not by circle)
  • Tab 3 (Expense Budget all Departments) shows the expenses by department. It draws the data from the tabs that follow and that spell out the expenses for all circles and subcircles.

Get a bit more explanation by watching the recording of the presentation in GC (ca. 14 min).