SoFA's theory of change

Hey there
SoFA GC has been working on a Theory of Change to clarify what really matters in our work towards our mission and vision.

General Circle has worked this out, and Mission Circle has been doing amazing sensing sessions about the wider context of SoFA - but we want to hear your voice as well. That’s why we’re sending this to you.

  • If you only have little time, watch the video and comment here.
    How SoFA works - Theory of Change and circle structure - YouTube (8 min)

  • If you are in a SoFA circle, reserve 15min of your agenda in a meeting on 1-2 rounds of reactions and thoughts on the Theory Of Change and your circle’s piece in it. Then respond to this thread with a summary of your thoughts.

If you want to read more, also see the Theory of Change ( long version | short version ) and add comments to the document. We will then work your feedback into a new version.

I’m looking forward to reading your ideas and thoughts!


AWESOME, thanks.
Is there a Spanish version? If not, can I translate?

Sure, please do! Thank you. @andrea.morales-6947

This is on the agenda for the next Bylaws Circle meeting, I’ll share more here after we weigh in together!