Solving the cube

I recently realized that I missed attending an event that would have interested me:

“SoFA and the Self-Management Movement”

It was on Dec.15, 2022

Fortunately, the organizers made available a recording of the meeting and a file containing the various reflections and opinions of those who participated.

It’s good that we have a history of what was discussed. Thanks!

I don’t know if another meeting will be organized on this topic, so I will share my thoughts with you, even if it is outside the meeting that has already taken place.

I watched the recording carefully, and what I heard reminded me of the idea presented in the picture.

We are each on one face of the cube and the colors are mixed.

In order to reach an integrative solution, we should “solve” the cube, and this would probably be possible in repeated rounds, in a circle made up of representatives of different organizations that are interested in such a topic.

Until then, which are the facets we are considering within the organization?

From the vision, mission, aims, circles and domains perspective things are well established. The circulation of information is theoretically taken into account, practically there are still syncopes. But what do we do with that unspecified virtual-layer on which the entire functioning depends, the network of human connections. Do we need a more consistent approach to human connections or is this not important?

If within a single organization it is so difficult (yet) to achieve a group consciousness, how could the philosophies of so many organizations that practice almost the same things but often call them differently be integrated?

In the end, everything has to do with people. Is it or not?

Adrian, your friend.

p.s. What does this last statement “Adrian, your friend” awaken in you? Accepting or rejecting? In fact it is a kind of proposal. Consent or objection? You see? It’s all about people and how they are able to relate to each other … Let’s “solve the cube” together as each face and each color is important. Or not?