The Past, The Present & The Future


The Past, The Present & The Future

There is a history of our present and our present will be the history of our future…

I recently watched some video recordings from the beginnings of Sociocracy For All. I am amazed how much SoFA has progressed since then.

In one of the recordings there was a selection process. The participants wrote their first nomination on a piece of paper and then, at the request of the facilitator, they simultaneously presented the piece of paper in front of the camera so that everyone could see the proposed nominations at the same time, without being influenced by the others.

The principles are the same but the technology advanced, so that today we can make the first nomination simultaneously but in a shared file accessible to everyone at the same time.

What is the point here? Technology is always advancing and helps us perform various tasks easier. Sometimes technology ends up disorienting us a little, especially when we have many options, but none of them fully satisfy us and we are forced to use different applications for different facilities so that we have to jump from one to another like a horse on a chessboard.

Well, what do we do with our own consciousness?

How could we manage to make a leap from individualistic consciousness to a true collective (group) consciousness, without making and maintaining more quality human connections similar to the nerve cells in the brain that connect to each other and work together effectively and efficiently?

Operational tasks sometimes overwhelm us and we end up losing sight of or no longer having time for what matters fundamentally - quality and persistent human connections.

Sometimes I wonder why there are so few of us?

Wouldn’t it be useful if there were more of us to have someone with whom to share the burden of the tasks necessary not only to function, but to progress?

How many of those who have been with us over time have stayed with us?

Does anyone know what the membership-retention percentage is? Can we improve it or it doesn’t matter?

When I was working in sales, someone told me that finding new prospects and having them become new customers is a good thing, but a more sustainable way to have repeated sales is to take care of the customers we already have so that we don’t have to always run for new customers.

Unfortunately, retention is often neglected and perhaps this is mostly due to a poor development of the collective consciousness of human connection. What about a Community of Practice (CoP) for making and maintaining authentic human connections?

We are operational connected but we often forget or neglect to be humanly connected.

Being very individualistic, it is difficult to get too far together as a group and as a community, is it?

If we really want inclusiveness, wouldn’t it be useful to cultivate authentic and solid human connections outside the meetings as well? Do we have a system for this?

I wonder about all of these because I also think that a system is really stronger than good intentions. You remember, don’t you?

Adrian, your friend.