The Right Communication Channel

The Right Communication Channel


I have to confess something to you.

I don’t read too much at once.


Because I need time to digest the content I’m reading.

I need time for reflection.

Usually, my reading time is more a study time. I guess that’s why I have opinions …

I’m not good at reproducing information, but I am very good at using the question mark.

Recently I read an email where the author said something about a “spiritual teacher” being 9 years old.

Yes, sometimes kids say things that we didn’t think about. Those statements often reframe our thinking. I went through such situations with my own kids. Ted, thank you for sharing!

Now, this is my question:

What is the “right” channel for a kid to speak to his / her parents?

Ups! Nature provided two parents for a child …

Anyway, I guess the “right” channel between kids and parents is a direct one. The child says something to the parent. The reciprocal situation is true as well.

What about a kid speaking to its grandparents? Should he / she speak through the parents or could it address directly to the grandparents?

What about somebody who would like to say something to an aunt or an uncle? Should they send the message through his / her parents or could they send a message directly?

What if somebody wants to say something to a neighbor or to somebody living in another town? Should the message go through the City Hall?

Did you get the point?

A few times it was told to me that I don’t use the right communication channels.

Well, the bees send messages around to all the other bees at once, not through the queen bee.

Coming back to sociocracy, what is the right communication channel?

Do we appreciate the input from outside a circle’s environment?

Do we gather enough input from other people or do we tend to think that we already know enough?

Do we integrate our domains in the entire organizational environment or do we tend to be shortsighted and too full of ourselves?

The principles of sociocracy are wonderful. I guess that if we implement them properly, we could progress together, without anyone being left behind.

Your friend,
because I care

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