Thinking, Sharing and Forum

Thinking, Sharing and Forum …

This post is a cocktail of two ideas: thinking and sharing.

As I learn from WDWD and MVOS, in sociocracy, the decision-making power and process is shared through circles, domains and aims.

A question came into my mind:

Is it the thinking and thoughts sharing process on our own personal domains?

If the answer is positive, how could we do this in a safe manner, without embarrassing other people in this process?

If you are already in this Forum you probably don’t need to read this post anymore, but, I guess you could read it and tell this story to your new members friends.

Perhaps Forum could be a part for the first SoFA orienting steps for the new members.

Becoming a new SoFA member a few months ago was an exciting experience for me.

Being so enthusiastic I felt a deep need for connection, to talk, to listen and to feel included in the sharing process but as weeks and months passed over I still felt like an outsider. Not excluded, but marginalized.

Of course, this is how I perceived the situation from my side.

Trying to contribute as a volunteer and to make some connections inside SoFA I started to “communicate” intensely with those which I was supposed to work with.

What I was not aware of at the time was that I tended to oversolicitated the attention of other people and so overload their operational tasks, putting a psychological burden over their “roles shoulders”.

Finaly, I received the information that I could use the Forum to share.

Knowing this information from the beginning would save us from some not necessarily unpleasant, but uncomfortable experiences.

The way this information was transmitted to me was like an “emergency rescue” and that made me feel unheard and that my “voice” was perceived as being noise.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a SoFA “Welcome Kit” to tell new members not only about the roles (leader, delegate, facilitator, secretary) but also about how somebody could progressively integrate himself / herself into the organization, that including how to communicate with others, how to share ideas, how to learn, where to find more information and so on?

Maybe this kind of experience is not related to yours or perhaps you also went through this kind of situation.

Whatever your situation is, if you can share your opinion about it, I kindly invite you to do so here.

Adrian, your friend.

Hey there
Thanks for the feedback! I hope someone from membership (@pcarmona) sees this. As far as I know, things like this exist but you’ll hear on that.

A general comment from me is that I am always flattered when people “make demands” of SoFA because I think it’s justified. On the other hand, on the inside view, we’re all doing our best to build the ship while we’re traveling all the time. And building the ship while doing regular work and helping others follow, that’s three things at once. We’re all typically focused on figuring out our own work, keeping SoFA moving and growing without running out of money. So be patient with us :slight_smile:


Even if my experience has been different from Adrian’s, probably because there was already a Sociocrazia Italia circle to welcome me, I can empathize with Adrian’s concern:

  • Trust, in my opinion, is vital to build and maintain a safe environment
  • any new member needs some time to adapt and integrate to the rhythm, the culture, the rituals of a new organization
  • this could be harder in an highly efficient circle

If I remember well, I proposed to dedicate attention to onboarding while we were discussing our OKRs, because a lack of attention could be detrimental for the whole group.
Perhaps we have to provide some form of mentoring, and postpone onboarding of new members when there aren’t mentors available, or perhaps we can imagine some form of mandatory training for the “working member role”: run slower to run longer (and faster, in the future).

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