Tips for running a first General Circle meeting?

Hi everyone,

My organization recently transitioned to sociocracy and we’ll be having our first General Circle meeting in a couple of weeks. We’re a small team with lots of overlap between circles, so we’re single linked to the GC.

I wanted to ask for general tips in how to run a GC meeting (structure, process, things to keep in mind) and to set a GC agenda for a first meeting.

I saw a post here mentioning setting a GC operational leader, so I’m guessing that should be something to get done during the first meeting as well…

Thank you in advance for any advice or resources!


Hey there @abj

As a circle, you will need roles, yes (leader, secretary, facilitator), so that should be on your list.
Most GCs I know have a standard agenda template of something like

  • Check-in, ADMIN
  • Consent to agenda
  • Agenda item 1: Circle reports
  • Agenda item 2: …
  • Agenda item 3: …
  • Backlog
  • Check-out

Agenda items should be topics like

  • domain clarifications for circles
  • circle support
  • overarching topics that cannot be assigned to circles
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Sounds good, thank you so much, Ted :slight_smile: