Training Help Desk

This role lives in Training Circle.

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Training Help Desk

Role Description:


Purpose: increase Training Circle’s support of trainers and circles to widen, strengthen and increase training offerings in SoFA.


Producing help desk materials, incl templates for domain agreements between SoFA and trainers or circles.

Keeping the training manual and scenario deck up to date as a resource for trainers.

Ensuring that certified consultants and trainers have exchange agreements on file with SoFA.

Specifically, the Help Desk Role will do the following:

SoFA-initiated training

  • Contact with trainers for SoFA’s standard training
  • Choose trainers for standard trainings
  • Interface with Learner Admin for administration

Client-initiated trainings

  • Connect clients with trainers
  • Choose trainers for general-contact clients and respond to those clients

Circle-initiated training

  • Liaison to Ecosystems and International
  • Line up domain agreements between circles to be approved in Training Circle
  • support training in language circles (for example, visit SoPra training circle)
  • Support trainings in sector circles
  • Contact with Continuing Education around special training offerings
  • respond to SoFA-internal training support requests from circles

Trainer-initiated training

  • Support mentors in supporting trainer-initiated trainings
  • Make domain agreement (around pay, outreach etc)

Find-a-Facilitator Program Matchmaking

  • Connect clients with facilitators
  • Manage the find-a-facilitator program and promotions

Guided by (policies, workflows):

How SoFA offers training

Find a Facilitator workflow

Decisions to be made alone:

  • Operational decisions on who is offered a client gig (guided by circle policy/feedback)
  • Operational decisions

Collaborates with:

See above (Ecosystem, International Circle)

Learner administration [Role description]


Certified trainer, or in process of certification


2 h/week

Compensation (if applicable)

2 h/week @ (TBD)/h


6 mo term once role is filled


Excellent initiative on increasing training activity in SoFA, including training in sector circles, language circles, and all the training environment inside or outside SoFA.

I would apply for this role as soon as possible. If you consider that I could be useful, please take into consideration my intention and availability.

Thank you for your intention to strengthen the SoFA training activity.

Best wishes.

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