Volunteers wanted for Webinar Circle

Hey there
Webinar Circle is looking for volunteers. We’re currently 3 members (just lost @romana.thijm and we will miss her :cry:) which are @idit.rose @thomas.kemps @TedRau .

Email me to express interest.

We can write your role description tailored to your interests, so below are some suggestions:

[Position Name]

Role Description: Webinar host


  • line up speakers and topics (scheduling, programming, graphic design, outreach)
  • host the webinar or help tech support

Collaborates with:

We find hot topics ourselves or get inspiration from other circles, like our parent circle, Continuing Education Circle, and our sibling circle, Conference Circle.



We meet every 3 weeks for 1h. Webinars and activities are between meetings, and you can choose when and how much you do.

Compensation (if applicable)

Volunteers only.


to be determined