Wanted: COO and CFO for space engineering startup

Orbital Machines is a Norwegian/German start-up in the field of Space Engineering who develops and manufactures standardized electric propellant pumps for launch vehicles and spacecraft. We work on customer projects ranging from satellite launch vehicles, zero-emission airplanes, to spacecraft for transport between moon and earth orbits. Founded in 2018, we are a team of 12, with the intention to grow to about 30 over the next two years.

We loosely follow Laloux’ ideas of Teal organizations as a guideline for organizational development, focusing on wholeness at work by using Radical Honesty and other methods, and self-organization using Sociocracy.

At the moment, we want to strengthen our management and are looking for two people to hold the roles of CFO and COO.

The CFO should have:

  • Experience as CFO in startups, raising financing rounds, working with investors (VCs) and shareholders
  • Some technical and engineering background
  • Eagerness to work in a Sociocratic organization with a focus on wholeness at work.

The COO should have:

  • Experience holding roles in technical and engineering companies and teams
  • Eagerness to work in a Sociocratic organization with a focus on wholeness at work
  • Extensive experience in organizational development

Please check our website: orbitalmachines_com and contact us on jobs_at_orbitalmachines.no
Note that not all job ads might be listed on our website.

Checking to see if this can be a useful channel, and would appreciate tips for other places to post job ads, or recruiters that span the fields of engineering and sociocracy.

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