Wanted: SoFA Forum Curator

This role lives in Forums Circle.

Email forums.circle@sociocracyforal.org to inquire!

Forum Curator

Role Description

  • Activities:
    • Actively involved in conversations on forum
    • Gathering content
    • Contacting others to get people’s input (weaving the web)
    • Forum activities (contests, activities)
    • Manage badges (later)
  • Guided by (policies, workflows):
    • Aim and strategy/objectives for the forum
    • Forum Circle
  • Collaborates with:
    • Forum Circle Members
    • Software Development Circle
    • Outreach Circle
    • SoFA members (ecosystem circles) and content producers (e.g. authors of content posted)
  • Qualifications
    • Very versed in sociocracy
  • Hours/week
    • 1h/week meeting time
    • Initially, only a few hours; re-evaluate in next phase.
  • Paid?
    • 3h/week @ $15/h.
  • Term:
    • 6 mo term