Web Content Publishing Demonstration Q&A

I’ve scheduled a meeting this Friday from 10am-12pm EST in the helping circle zoom, where I want to work on transitioning a fairly complex Divi page to gutenberg, while recording it and accepting questions on process/how to use gutenberg to hopefully provide a training resource for the future. Feel free to come or to tell other people who need to know how to use gutenberg about this event so they can come. I know it’s a bit short notice, so I can try to do it again in a more organized way in the future.

What’s Divi and what’s Gutenberg? These are both pieces of post editing software that are used to publish content onto the website. Web Content Publishing Circle is currently in the process of trying to move content away from Divi and into Gutenberg.

I booked the room for 2 hours-- but however long you want to stay is fine! If you need help accessing the meeting this week or have requests about future opportunities for this type of thing, let me know in the comments.