Website Administrator (Paid, Remote)

This role lives in Website Circle.

Email [] to inquire. Please share relevant experience or qualifications you have.

[Website Administrator]

Role Description:

Website Administrators are responsible for maintenance of development of SoFA’s websites.


Aims and Activities:
Maintain assigned websites or web apps by:

  • Maintain & configure the hosting configuration for the website
  • Maintain & configure the domain names, alias and DNS records for the given site
  • Maintain & configure backups for the site.
  • Maintain & configure the CDN and other auxiliary tools.
  • Optimize the website as needed.
  • Manage website security and harden the website against intrusion, including coordinating and providing secure user account permissions access.
  • Perform regular updates on the website.
  • Generate reports on the site for website circle.
  • Coordinate with Web Content Publishing Circle and other SoFA operational roles to empower SoFA working members to publish or access platform content as needed.

Other tasks:

  • Communicate with software developers to resolve bugs.
  • Improve and maintain systems related to online course offerings(learn. site)
  • Provide technological support to streamline and improve workflows for conference helping circles , international circle, and other circles as needed.
  • Assist SoFA members and circles with standard website related tasks including:
  • Basic page design
  • Localization
  • Marketing and CRM management
  • Basic website maintenance
  • Other website related tasks

Guided by (policies, workflows):

Website Circle Policies

Collaborates with:

Website Techs


  • SoFA Working Member
  • Backend Wordpress Experience
  • Wordpress Administration Experience
  • Plugin Conflict Troubleshooting Experience
  • Communicating with plugin developers about bugs and working with them to resolve plugin issues on our website
  • Experience with WPML, Woocommerce, Learndash, Groundhogg, Events Calendar
  • HTML + CSS
  • Experience using ssh and sftp
  • Some basic literacy with regard to programming languages(especially php, js) can be useful. You won’t often need to write code, but you may be dealing with bug reports that reference code.


Up to 10 h/week

Pay rate determined by pay rate calculator.


6 mo term