Website Technician (Paid, Remote) [Updated 08/2023]

This role lives in Website Circle.

Email [] to inquire. Please share relevant experience or qualifications you have.

[Website Tech]

Role Description:

Website Technicians work with the website administrator to perform updates, fix bugs, and otherwise improve the technical performance of the website.


  • Support the Website Administrator with website maintenance, development and administration (by assignment)
  • Participate in Website Circle policy meetings
  • Continue to learn and develop own skills with website and online marketing to support SoFA Membership
  • Perform forum updates and assist with multi-lingual issues and other structural changes.

Guided by (policies, workflows):

Website Circle Policies and System Administrator.

Collaborates with:

Web Administrator, other Website Techs


  • A willingness to learn. Especially for someone already invested in SoFA and at least somewhat comfortable with computers/wordpress, we may be more flexible in considering you.
  • SoFA Working Member
  • Backend Wordpress Experience
  • Wordpress Administration Experience
  • Plugin Conflict Troubleshooting Experience
  • Communicating with plugin developers about bugs and working with them to resolve plugin issues on our website
  • Experience with WPML, Woocommerce, Learndash, Groundhogg, Events Calendar
  • HTML + CSS
  • Experience using ssh and sftp
  • Some basic literacy with regard to programming languages(especially php, js) can be useful. You won’t often need to write code, but you may be dealing with bug reports that reference code.


5 h/week

Compensation (if applicable)

5 h/week @ $15/h – may consider a higher rate if it would be needed for you to be able to work with us and you are well qualified.


6 mo term


I am glad that in SoFA, attention is paid to the online presence and the development of the website and the forum.

I hope that someone who suits this role will enjoy it as soon as possible.

I believe that Website Circle is continuously doing a very good job that the rest of us benefit from.

Please accept my appreciation and thanks for the whole team.

All the best,

Your friend,
because I care

Has this role been filled?

Hi Andrew,

It’s still open. We have one person who we’ve invited to our next meeting to see if we might select them into the role, but if you have another candidate you’d like us to consider, I’d recommend telling us about it quickly as the role might be filled later this week.

We’re looking for another Website Technician again. Email [] to inquire. Please share relevant experience or qualifications you have.

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