What does sociocracy mean to you?

Quote from Many Voices One Song (p.30):

What does sociocracy mean to you?

Because people have different priorities that they see in sociocracy, their responses will be very different. We would like to honor the variety of experiences by just making a list of original quotes of people stating what sociocracy means to them.

All voices are heard and valued.

Attention to everyone, helping everyone gain their voice and rational dealing with policy proposals, helps make everyone a more responsible member.

Sociocracy makes it less likely that things are swept under the rug because objections are encouraged and sought out.

Sociocracy is about collective learning and adapting to circumstances.

It allows more voices and decision-making process and therefore more transparency in decision-making for the whole organization.

It empowers its members.

It taps into groups’ collective intelligence.

As curiosity is the beginning of intelligence, Sociocracy is the beginning of effective collaboration.

The principles of sociocracy are wonderful. I guess that if we implement them properly, we could progress together, without anyone being left behind.

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p.s. What does sociocracy mean to you?