What's our aim?

A request by email:

I have bought a house in XX with the hopes of creating a property based on Permaculture and living in community. I currently have 6 housemates and we have started getting into some sticky interpersonal dynamics. I am afraid of losing housemates I love living with to interpersonal conflict and I am looking for ways to resolve things one way or other and move forward.

I have started reading “Who decides, who decides” and I realize I don’t have an aim besides creating a permaculture paradise and live happily ever after. I have a housemate who wants me to create a mission statement, but I like diversity of people and interests and I’m resistant to limiting housemates to people who think like me and like the same things but maybe that would be best? I don’t know. It would be great for me to get help in how to be a good community founder and then consulting help with the group on how we can mend/heal and move forward efficiently.

Hey there!
Wanting diversity IS an aim. And there are different kinds of diversity.
You probably make assumptions about what paradise and happily ever after look like that you’re not making explicit. Describe a bit more what it is that you want. And that could be around values, operations, people or process.
You don’t have to think the same but you will need to want to do the same project.