What's our desired impact? With what audience? How will we know?

Following up on this discussion https://forums.sociocracyforall.org/t/sofa-where-are-we-going-sofa-strategy-year-2021-2022/ I want to report on what has come out so far in General Circle.

The question of strategy boils down to 4 questions:

  • What kind of impact do we want to have? (objective)
  • Why? (mission)
  • With what audience? (audience)
  • What do we need to pay attention to so we can see if it’s working? (metrics)

Some thoughts we’ve had in General Circle were about balance:

  • On the one hand, be intentional and focus on certain activities (working actively in alignment with a declared strategy) - on the other hand being opportunistic and just following the energy in its own unpredictable way
  • On the one hand focus on the operations and outward to the people - on the other hand focus on the inside and building the resources and let the rest flow from there
  • On the one hand make sure SoFA is financially sound (we’re in an intentional deficit budget right now to make investments so income generation is essential) - on the other hand following impact more than income generation

What thoughts come up for you? What do you think is key?

Looping in GC members @andreas.jonsson @rhonda.baird @jerry.koch-gonzalez @nora.plaza @lea.shani @hanna.fischer @cj.oreilly to make sure you see the responses :slight_smile:

Reading this, what I observed is that the mission and audience are present or in development. The objective and metics part would help us define the strategy. Measuring the quantitative and qualitative impact we are already having (feedback/measurement) will help us understand what comes next for us together.

When it comes to the balance questions, I think the answer is “both/and” to most of it. Which, of course, does not make it easier! :slight_smile:

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