What's your favorite planner/organizer?

New year is coming up and I’m thinking of getting a planner or organizer. Right now I do most of my project management on the computer, but I’ve noticed that whenever I have a lot of tasks or feel overwhelmed, I end up organizing them on paper to get back on top of things. So, I’ve been thinking of getting some sort of physical organizer for the new year and would love your recommendations-- although I’m also happy to hear about apps and such that people like too.

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I use paper a lot of the time!
I add things and cross things out. And I make a habit of transferring undone tasks into a new sheet from time to time. (That typically motivates me to get them done so I don’t have to transfer them again.)

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I hear @hope.wilder uses Panda Planner.

Also I made a new weekly planner template I’m experimenting with but I don’t think I like it. I will give it a bit more time to see if I can make it work for me though.