Where Are Forum Circles?

Looks like this forum isn’t very useful, because it looks like the discussions are outdated and there may be too few users to have discussions. It looks like a sociocracy forum would have a circle that takes responsibility for trying to make the forum as useful as possible, by keeping discussions up-to-date and relevant. What I was hoping to find on this forum is people who’d like to practice sociocracy in a chat room. I think the world needs sociocracy to solve all the major problems. I would expect the organizers and teachers of sociocracy to have circles that can include everyone who’s interested so they can learn as quickly as possible and spread sociocracy locally everywhere. I propose that sociocracy experts form circles that we beginners can join so we can do that.

Hello Lloyd,

Welcome on the SoFA discusion forum.

I invite you to start here and participate on the free intro classes like this one:

Free introduction: What is sociocracy?

You can find them on our events page.

In case you like reading, please visit our books page.

Sociocracy For All also have a lot of communities of practice where interested people can practice sociocracy and share real life experiences related to sociocracy.

Best wishes.

Hi Lloyd,
Thanks for your feedback.

The Intentional Community section of the forum is curated by our Intentional community circle. Advocates for sociocracy in Intentional Community - Sociocracy For All
For the rest of the forum circle, I don’t know how we are structured so I can’t add more to this part.

But about your idea of having circles of sociocracy experts with new practioners, that’s exactly how SOFA already works! Great minds think alike apparently. So, if you have already done your sociocracy basic training, which I assume you have when I read your comment, you can join SOFA as a working member. This means you’ll have to be part of at least one circle, and commit to do a couple hours a month of volunteer work in addition to the meetings of this circle. You can of course do more if you want! This has personnally been a really good way to learn sociocracy, which confirms what you are suggesting.
So, to become a working member, it’s this way:https://www.sociocracyforall.org/membership/
And you can see our circle structure here to start thinking about which circle you would like to join. https://www.sociocracyforall.org/about-sociocracy-for-all/
(scroll below mission and aims)
This choice will be based on your preferences, but aslo on the needs of the circles. In your new member onboarding meeting, someone will discuss that with you.

The communities of practice suggested by Adrian are also an interesting option, but I think you can expect more talking about sociocracy than practicing sociocracy, based on the CoP I participate regularly in, the one for intentional communities.

Hoping to see you on one of our circles one day!