Who do you follow? :) Looking for inspiring influencers and content creators

At the social media circle we are curious to know which content creators, activists, organizations, projects, online magazines, celebrities, influencers, etc. Do you follow and consider relevant? What do you like that you think that we may also like!? :smiley:

Let us know so we can check it up!


I’ll throw in The Ready and the Corporate Rebels as well as August Co.
I look at management magazines like Fast Company.

On Instgram I follow Alok Vmenon (Influencer, author, speaker, LGBTQ, degender fashion) and Emiliazenzile (Influencer, author, speaker, intersectional justice).


I enjoy reading Nora Bateson’s articles: https://norabateson.medium.com/, Aeon Magazine: https://aeon.co/ and This View of Life: https://thisviewoflife.com/. There always seems to be an endless supply of thought-provoking things to read… I need more hours in the day :grinning:

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@alma_gisela.garcia_g Check out her https://www.youtube.com/c/CupofEmpathy