Who is more important?

Who is more important?

We often get distracted by a question and try to answer it.

About 20 years ago I became aware that sometimes questions are not used only to explore and discover, but to divert attention from something and lead the exploration towards a closed road or one without perspective.

The question I expressed above came to my mind and the next thing I did was to question the question itself.

I found that there are questions that help us progress and questions that can keep us in place.

I will replace the above question with another one:

Should someone be more important than someone else?

What do you think of the change in perspective with this second question?

Which of them restrict the perspective of thinking and which of them open our horizon of exploration and knowledge?

What if we understand that even though we are different, we are all important and we really could complete each other instead of compete with each other?

Understanding these issues, we could pay attention to each other without the risk of becoming less important ourselves.

How about being open to input and realizing that, in fact, we don’t know where a significant question will appear or even a solution that we need to improve the way we organize, work and collaborate?

How could we protect ourselves from mistakes or from the limits of our thinking, other than to be more intentional about gathering individual intelligence and hoarding it as collective intelligence, available to all who are willing to expose themselves to sources of inspiration outside their own ego?

Where does reality end and where does imagination start? Is there any difference between those two? Who connect them all and how are they connected?

As long as we explore the potentiality with our thoughts and shape it with our work, things become possible.

Are we afraid of shaping reality? Do we realize that not everybody appreciates our values and principles of sociocracy? Will they just look at us or will they try to stop us?

Where could our power to progress be born and persist but from us and the solidity of the connections between us?

I used to read somewhere that “no kingdom divided against itself will be able to last”.

What if we were more present and more aware of the fact that being together brings to us a power that no one can dispose of separately?

Your friend,
because I care