Who is the facilitator?

Who is the facilitator?

I already participated in a few SoFA meetings.

I am always interested about the agenda and I’m curious who will be present.

I have something to learn from each meeting whatever the agenda will be so my presence is always fresh and my “knowledge cup” is almost empty, to make space for new experiences and for more understanding.

For me, in a meeting, everybody is important and every voice counts, but I’m always interested in who will be the facilitator and the scribe.

One of the core principles in sociocracy is that every voice counts and this is possible by talking in rounds and by having consent decision-making.

Would this be possible without a trained facilitator?

Somebody said that before speaking, think and before thinking, read.

I will say something else:

Before making a decision by consent, let’s be sure we have a circle meeting and before having a circle meeting, let’s be sure we have a trained facilitator.

Maybe some people think that a course is enough. Did we learn to read or write at once or did we need some training, quite a lot?

Right, the skill of facilitating a sociocratic meeting should be improved by training, even continuously, as a singer does not only sing on stage, but always trains behind the scenes, more precisely off stage.

Considering the importance of facilitating meetings in sociocracy, I invite you to always train, constantly participating in the Community of Practice for Facilitators.

Here we have the opportunity to train in the art of facilitation so that we will be able to enliven any meeting in which we participate as facilitators or in any other role.

The facilitation process should be understood by each member and each member should be able to facilitate if they have the opportunity or there is a need.

Being present and active in the Community of Practice for Facilitators we honor sociocracy and we prepare the way so that sociocracy can be spread in every corner of society.

Without facilitators we could only talk about sociocracy, but we would lack sociocracy itself.

Your friend,
because I care

p.s. Without facilitators we could only talk about sociocracy, but we would lack sociocracy itself.