Work for SoFA! Financial manager needed (update: now filled!)

This role lives in Finance Circle.

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Financial Manager

Role Description:


  • Managing the financial matters of SoFA. Activities:
  • Leading the quarterly reporting and budgeting processes
  • Managing the financial aspects of hiring and letting go of employees and contractors
  • Managing the functionality and inter-functionality of financial apps and bank accounts, namely WooCommerce, My Works, Stripe, PayPal, Wise, Florence Bank, Citizens Bank, Quickbooks, Payroll service, Workers Comp
  • Supporting the work of SoFA bookkeepers, in particular helping resolve questions about accounts payable and accounts receivable, and reconciliations
  • Serving as Help Desk for SoFA financial and budgeting questions
  • Reconciling the Stripe account
  • Bookkeeping the integration of multiple entities financial information (SoFA, SoPRA, Open Collective Europe, Cambridge Peace Project)
  • Working with the CPAs on the annual financial review/audit.
  • Filling out, with support from CPAs as needed, the annual 990 and MA PC reports
  • Ensuring proper documentation for and reporting to governmental jurisdictions for business nexus, including reporting new hires, reporting and paying unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance.
  • In general, leading the development of financial policies related to personnel.
  • Leading the evolution of the chart of accounts and Quickbooks products as needed.

Guided by (policies, workflows):

(nothing special)

Collaborates with:

Finance Circle


  • Familiar with Quickbooks
  • Ideally speaks (or at least understands) Spanish
  • Familiar with SoFA as an organization.




$30/h (for US or EU; might be adjusted to local cost of living for outside US/EU)


Will be decided in mutual consent.

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