Your favorite sociocracy hack?

Hey! What’s your favorite sociocracy hack? You know, those small little things that make things a bit easier?
For example:

  • Templates
  • Zoom hacks
  • In-person hacks

A colleague recently told me that they meet on zoom a lot and have the practice of testing for consent by throwing a quick Y (for yes) or N (for no) into the chat and can move very swiftly through their topic without even talking all that much.
For in-person meetings (once we have them again), I intend to invest in a projector or ask everyone to bring their computer anyway so everyone can read the notes and developing proposals in real-time. Just makes everything so much easier!

Your turn!

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A predictable, prepared and well-organized agenda! Nothing works better than this to move the meeting efficiently along its aims.

Also, via Zoom, screen sharing the note-taking during meetings. Confirming note capture in real time; no need to review the minutes at the top of each meeting because they have already been agreed to before the end of the meeting.

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