Zine for Building Skills Around Conflict: Conflict Bowl

Some friends of mine recently finished writing this zine about Conflict Bowl, an event format that popped up a few years ago in Detroit. It’s focus is on community support around conflict and group skill building-- not on conflict resolution. After finding out about it in late 2021, I now try to organize one at least once a month (usually in person, although other people organize online conflict bowls).

Link to the zine:


Lainewyne, I like the issue your post addresses. I have said in one of my posts here in the Discussion Forum that “prevention is much easier than fixing”.

To prevent, however, we must acquire over time certain skills and a certain attitude. This takes time, so it is time to be aware and train ourselves, otherwise we will not be ready, but if we are ready, we won’t be worry.

I suspect that good implementation and practice of sociocracy requires more than sociocratic skills, and these skills I’m talking about are not necessarily earned as badges in an academy. A few years ago I called these soft skills “Life Design Skills”.

I’m interested in getting more opinions on this topic and I’m here to learn more from you all. Best thoughts!

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