CM: How does one remove someone from a circle? (process)

The process to remove someone from a circle is, on a process level, rather easy: it’s a proposal with clarifying questions, quick reactions and a consent round. The only difference to any other proposal is that the person asked to be removed does not have consent rights. That person can be included in the clarifying questions and in the quick reactions. If there are no objections, then that person loses circle membership.

For more information, check out our handbook Many Voices One Song sections 2.2.3, 6.5, and chapter 4

What if there’s a proposal to remove two or more people at once from a circle? Is removing two or more people at once even in the spirit of sociocracy? It seems like it could foster power plays by cliques of people.

Yeah, absolutely. Then it’s more in the category of a split.
Since splitting/losing people in conflict is such a big cost, keeping everyone together and all tensions open on the table becomes so important. Not only because it’s valuable to do but also because organizations can’t afford not to.

Interestingly, there’s a whole other level:
What if someone wants to remove themselves! :stuck_out_tongue:
@TedRau is there a particular FAQ for that?

Wrote it!