Facilitation - walking step by step

Facilitation - walking step by step

Do you remember when you learned to walk? Me neither.

But you are now walking, right? Me either.

I guess when somebody walks, they usually use both feet. Right?

How could we normally wolk using just one of our feet?

Steps are a continuous succession of moving one foot after the other, and so on.

Maybe I’m wrong, but someone won’t go too far just jumping in one foot …

Learning is a process that needs two feet to advance with.

Theory is one foot we use to learn something.

Practice is the other foot we use to go on with learning.

How could we really know something we didn’t experience?

In MVOS I read (quote):

Governance is tricky to teach. The biggest challenge is that one has to know everything at the same time. Practitioners have to know the meeting format, all processes, understand consent, know what a helping circle is, how to do a round, be aware of feedback, have emotional literacy and needs consciousness and more at once – oh, and be aware of operational roles! Sociocratic governance works best if practitioners master it all. How can we achieve that?

Well, I guess it’s possible in the same way we learn to walk, using the two feet I mentioned above: learning the theory and practice, one step after another.

Step by step we can become masters of anything.

In order to be present with each other, in a sociocratic meeting we need a good facilitator .

Facilitators run meetings according to the format of meetings and decision
making adopted by the group.

How could we become masters of facilitation?

I guess we could achieve this step by step, by theory and by practice.

That’s why we invite you to participate in any SoFA training and to be present in the Community of Practice for Facilitators (CoP-F) meetings as well.


Hello dear sociocracy fellows,

Here you have an announcement:

Community of Practice for Facilitators (CoP-F)

Are you holding the role of the facilitator of a circle in your organization? Would it help you to reflect with others on what it means to be a facilitator in a sociocratic organization? Would you like to practice being a facilitator? This Community Of Practice might be helpful for you!

Meeting time:

The meeting for this group is on the second Monday of each month for 90 minutes.

There are two different events on the same day:

CoP-F East: at 14:00 UTC
(for zones like Asia, Europe, Africa and eastern North America)


CoP-F West: at 18:30 UTC
(for zones like western North America, South America or Asia-Pacific).

We want to offer everybody the opportunity to choose a convenient meeting according to their/her/his time zone.

Registration page:

CoP-F event series page:

Community of Practice for Facilitators (CoP-F) disscusion forum page:

Meeting Facilitation and Decision Making Sheet article:

In the Community of Practice for Facilitators (CoP-F) no one teaches anyone, but we all learn from each other by practicing and sharing real life experiences.

We welcome your presence and contribution. It will enrich all of our sociocracy knowledge.

Best wishes to all of you!