"Help me write my organization's aim"

Do you want feedback on the aim you’ve written to invite to your founding meeting?
Post it here and you’ll get feedback!

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Thanks for the space! I just asked my group to attend the first founding meeting by mail and wrote this aim (in spanish):

“Promote a collaborative work model through the creation of a cooperative platform that allows us to mutualize the costs of professional support and organize ourselves remotely and independently.”

I read that the first part of the sentence usually refers to the mission and the second to the purpose, so ‘thought’ serves as a bridge for both parts. What do you all think? Concrete enough? :face_with_monocle:

I agree, it does combine both. I do think it’s clear enough if “cooperative platform to mutualize costs of professional support” is concrete in people’s minds. Depends on how well people are versed in it I guess.

Good luck!!

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I hope so. Before calling the meeting I had one-on-one sessions to present a formal proposal of what that means (for me). I think it may be a good step-zero (to get aligned to the first meeting). Thanks!

Yes, I agree! The more intentional the beginning can be, the better!