In Sociocracy, Experience is Gained Drop by Drop

In Sociocracy, Experience is Gained Drop by Drop

In Sociocracy, Experience is Gained Drop by Drop

“Sociocracy experience is gained drop by drop” means that learning about sociocracy, a form of governance and decision-making, is a gradual process that requires patience, perseverance, and a willingness to learn and improve over time.

Sociocracy is a dynamic and evolving approach that emphasizes effective communication and collaboration in the decision-making process. Decisions are made through a consent-based approach.

To gain sociocracy experience, one needs to start by learning about the principles, values, and practices that underpin this approach. This includes understanding how to establish clear aims and domains, how to develop effective communication channels, and how to create a safe and supportive environment where everyone’s input is valued and respected.

One can gain sociocracy experience by participating in sociocracy circles or by working with organizations that practice sociocracy. Through active involvement and observation, one can learn how to apply sociocratic principles and techniques in real-world settings, and how to overcome common challenges and obstacles that arise during the implementation process.

Ultimately, gaining sociocracy experience is a continuous learning process that requires ongoing learning, practice, self-reflection, feedback, performance review and improvement plans. It requires a growth mindset, a willingness to embrace change, and a commitment to building strong and sustainable relationships with others.

To learn more theory about sociocracy I recommend you to (re)read this amazing sociocracy manual named “Many Voices One Song - Shared Power With Sociocracy”

Many Voices One Song - A sociocracy manual - Sociocracy For All is a source of knowledge and inspiration for all those who are interested to gain more experience in sociocracy

To gain even more experience in sociocracy, I invite you to attend the meetings of SoFA Community of Practice for Facilitators (CoP-F)


Meeting time:

The meeting for this group is on the second Monday of each month for 90 minutes.

There are two different events on the same day:

CoP-F East: at 14:00 UTC
(for zones like Asia, Europe, Africa and eastern North America)


CoP-F West: at 18:30 UTC
(for zones like western North America, South America or Asia-Pacific).

We want to offer everybody the opportunity to choose a convenient meeting according to their/her/his time zone.

Registration page:

CoP-F event series page:

Community of Practice for Facilitators (CoP-F) discussion forum page:

Meeting Facilitation and Decision Making Sheet article:

In the Community of Practice for Facilitators (CoP-F) no one teaches anyone, but we all learn from each other by practicing and sharing real life experiences about the principle of equivalence in sociocracy.

We welcome your presence and contribution. It will enrich all of our sociocracy knowledge and bring us more experience in sociocracy.

Best wishes to all of you!

p.s. Here you have some resources about sociocracy that could be used by those interested:

or Start Here

SoFA site offers many learning and practice opportunities.

Quote (from MVOS):

Governance is tricky to teach. The biggest challenge is that one has to know everything at the same time. Practitioners have to know the meeting format, all processes, understand consent, know what a helping circle is, how to do a round, be aware of feedback, have emotional literacy and needs consciousness and more at once – oh, and be aware of operational roles! Sociocratic governance works best if practitioners master it all. How can we achieve that?

One step forward are the trainings:

Meeting Facilitation in Sociocracy
Nonviolent Communication Workshops & Training
Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT)
Sociocracy Academy