Is sociocracy spiritual?

Yannis Camus has begun exploring this topic with us at the 2022 Global Sociocracy Conference.

Is sociocracy spiritual ?
of course it all depends on what each of us defines as being « spiritual ». If we agree on the fact that spirituality brings human beings to discover they’re not the role they play in this life, that they’re not their Ego, the character they’ve been playing and building for their entire lives. If we agree that spirituality helps us being more conscious and understand that none of us holds the entire truth… Then we can ask ourselves if sociocracy is spiritual… Does sociocracy help us changing our postures, leaving behind the little roel, character or Ego we thought we were in order to discover something new ?
The idea is to discuss and share our thoughts about the subject. Everyone of us will share his experiences and this way we might grow a little bit more together. Just by listening and sharing… as in Sociocracy maybe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We invite you to continue the conversation here. (See their presentation page for additional information about their original presentation.)