IT Circle/Log Keeping operations - John & CJ [2022-12-16]

Check in


A - @john.l.clark, @cj.oreilly
D - 60m (or less?)
M - from 2022-12-01 no updates
I - CJ’s babe due Jan 16th! might impact meeting availability in January
N - Dec 22nd - use for Software Development Circle meeting


  • Logkeeping Team Check-in

    • Team is gelling well - enjoyed exploring Working Out Loud with them as well

      • prepping for annual agenda rollover & working out role holder orientation temple
    • Role Holder Orientations
      John made a 15 step workflow for Role Holder Orientations
      – The expectations of the workflow tool were a bit tricky

      • Reactions:

        • this is great!
        • it is only for new role holders, but how do we handle existing role holders? will they benefit from another level of orientation check-in/reminder? there are new expectations for circle leaders (the working member accountability) and circle secretaries (the policy manual): how do we get people up to speed with this and other operation changes?
          • so far this hasn’t been designed to supplement training for existing role holders, it’s designed only for new role holders
        • is there a clear process for tracking the orientations?
        • image using some kind of asana based sub-task, perhaps with a checklist template similar to the membership flow, but waiting to work out the details with the team
        • consider the possibility that we might create an orientation using something like LearnDash with videos that are easily localized and self-driven.
      • next steps: just taking this conversation forward with shared understanding of various tensions driving the workflow and orientation needs

    • Policy Manual Check-in
      – Tasks to do before making the Policy Manual public (to non-SoFA members) are still pending, will check-in with Nathalie

      • what are these remaining tasks? mostly cleaning up some key existing policies
        • good to have some example policies; no pressure to have the policy manual be public on a timeline
        • who is actually putting policies in place currently? Seems like just a few folks
        • might benefit from a policy manual class or co-working session
        • yearning for closer to a critical mass of participation
        • bring to Log Keeping team as an action item
      • Next steps: perhaps a policy manual co-working that’s announced on SoMBu? offering support, etc.
        • Action: @john.l.clark : setup and announce a co-working time to next SoMBu for SoFA Circle Secretaries to work on both Annual Template Transitions & Policy Manual updates (Announce event on member events on website & in SoMBu - due date for SoMBu Content is Tuesday Dec 20th ) - also create forum post for announcement, questions and discussion (perhaps before SoMBu to get it on people’s radar)
    • Internal and External Templates issue (by email from Ted in Continuing Education Circle)

      • in process - clarifying domanis for external facing vs internal facing
      • Continuing Education is hoping that the templates would inform SoFA’s templates, so John is working on integrating some of their features.

Time-check: feeling good!

  • Organizational Mapping & Organizational Contact Records status

    • Goal for Mapping: transition out of google from and spreadsheet to Groundhogg from & Organizational Contact Records
      • handing off to WCP to create new forms, etc. - new task
        • a bit of an issue with people overwriting information because of duplicate email addresses, form will be built with that in mind, but there’s no easy way to check
      • question from ITSU meeting about management of Organizational Contact Records
    • John is looking into a more functional and fully automated google map via pulls from Groundhogg Database API pulls and clustermapping with Google Maps.
      • Next Step: Action @john.l.clark - add project to Software Development Circle backlog
  • IT Circle Agenda Planning
    – feeling tension about IT circle backlog and agenda items feeling stale

Check out

  • excited about new platform for notes, glad to get caught up and remember some of these operational items
  • nice to play with notes system, get clarity on tasks, looking forward to software development circle