Log keeping team operational meeting [2022-12-15]

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Attendance: John Clark, Nathalie Szycher, Pia Rohn

  • hard limit at the hour to attend Ted’s review of the cooperative governance movement!
  • Next meeting: 1330 UTC (for 90 minutes) on 12-27


  • The role holder orientation email template, new SoFA email addresses, and providing website access
    • Confusion around what email address new role holders need to use or should use for accessing the website?
    • Pame’s new workflow?
    • Clarify the whole section about access, move higher up in the template?
    • Cleaning up old email access from Google Drive?
    • John is unclear about what templates Pame’s recent action item referred to
    • First template is still relevant; the idea is that there is a second email that will be sent
    • Minor changes
    • What is the purpose of the second email? A: Specifically for leaders, providing soft skill support
    • Nathalie will work to update the role holder orientation email template, taking into account above exploration
    • Still wanting to understand the orientation workflow more clearly
  • Agenda templates
  • Policy manual updates
  • At previous meeting, mentioned “Also good to link the Google Workspace Best Practices to the Policy section”; trying to remember what that specifically meant

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The big thing we didn’t get to at this meeting was an update on our Policy Manual work. I see on our list of tasks that there are a few pending documentation tasks, and I’m curious about how those are going. I also have a task to fix a few policy names to bring them in line with the Policy Manual policy (heh), and I’ll try to get to that soon.

I had a meeting with CJ yesterday, and one piece of feedback they had was that it might make sense to try to have a more substantial body of policies in the Policy Manual before making it public. What do you all think about that?