Meetings and Sector Opportunities

Here is a thread to share what is happening with the SoFA permaculture sector development circle as well as other events and activities.


Permaculture Circle is currently meeting on the third Wednesday of every month at 16:00 UTC. Contact @rhonda.baird if you would like an invitation.

In our October 2021 meeting, we welcomed @renee.ruchotzke as a new member and looked at updating our webpage to have more relevant information, as well as discussing putting out a newsletter, when we might be ready for a 2022 conference, and how to accomplish our objectives.

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At our March meeting, the permaculture circle began working on our zones. We’ve been looking at zones as our spheres of influence and connection. Who should we be considering reaching out to over the coming months?

We also welcomed @kathy.sipple as a guest.

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I just came from our April meeting, where our circle decided to focus on quality of connections between our SoFA membership. We’ve committed to creating a vibrant Community of Practice this year, and also embraced a vision of hosting a few meetings for SoFA members and others that help bring permaculture and resilience to more people practicing sociocracy. Please let us know what you would like to explore!

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Permaculture people are among the earliest groups to join in SoFA, and there continues to be steady growth in interest. It seems that most groups are at some level of exploration, design, or implementation. However, it seems we are all somewhat disconnected. We can be busy with our own powerful projects and groups. It can be hard to define and refine our next steps–let alone reach out beyond that immediate sphere of influence to encourage others on the same journey. The answers you are seeking for your group might be found in another’s experience.

SoFA Permaculture Circle is working on developing our circle capacity and preparing to launch a Community of Practice. We are looking for a few passionate people to join the advocacy circle, and even more people to join a Community of Practice where we can mutually support each other along the journey. Please let us know if you would be interested in joining either the advocacy circle, or the Community of Practice. You can respond here or send a direct email. We look forward to connecting and collaborating!

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