Objections to being selected for a role

What should a facilitator do when the person nominated for the role is in tears because they don’t want to take the role?

For me, as a relative newbie to sociocracy, I am wondering of my understanding, so I am tentative here…
I see the facilitator role as being one to ensure the circle is involved in any discussion or decision. I would have thought that the circle had already recognised the person did not want the role, rather than maybe putting it on them?
I wonder how the person was nominated for a role, if they strongly did not want it?
I am wondering if there may be other issues here - an avoided discussion about commitment and work loads, for example?

Ask why? Sounds like an objection to me, no?

Yes, that’s the easy part, clearly it is an objection. But what do you do in the moment? Do you simply deal with it like any other objection and ask the person who is in tears to explain their objection?

Well, I would probably cushion it in comforting words and, depending on the relationship and context, say things like “it’s ok, we’d just like to understand what’s going on for you and understand why you’re saying no to get to know you better and see what is important to you.” But then I’d like to hear if that’s ok with the person.

More info on integrating objections overall: https://www.sociocracyforall.org/strategies-for-integrating-objections

I recently witnessed a great case that’s not covered here though: the objection was that the candidate didn’t have enough experience. The group decided that instead of training the facilitator more, the whole group would be trained more to follow along better :wink: