SoFA "BALL" (Big All) Circle

SoFA “BALL” (Big All) Circle

Sociocracy is a wonderful system as long as people consent to respect it and use it authentically and abundantly.

All the parts are shaped to fit each other and there is no to much room to be wrong … as long as people understand the spirit of sociocracy and respect it.

As I observed, there are people who understand that “One Voice” means that we all should be the same.

Well, in case we all would be the same, there wouldn’t be any progress and I guess that we would all die of boredom, literally, not figuratively.

This world is governed by diversity.

You may ask me how could I be so sure of such? Well, I invite you to look around and if you pay some attention, you will be amazed by all the diversity that surrounds us. In fact, it’s hard to find two things that are the same.

That means that “One Song” is the resulting song from “Many Voices”. Or not?

Nature or whoever you may name it gives us plenty of “LEGO” parts and it depends on us to put them together and build the reality we are looking for.

Some people believe that the reality is made by others. I don’t blame them. This is the way they were “programmed” to believe. They also believe that the reality was already made and we just explore it. Well, I don’t think so.

Would the reality be the same regardless of whether I speak or remain silent?

Would the reality be the same regardless of whether you speak or remain silent?

Would the reality be the same regardless of whether I do something or not?

Would the reality be the same regardless of whether you do something or not?

Some of you already know that we can influence the world (reality) we are living in by our words (that we say or not), by our deeds (that we do or not) and so on.

Our behavior influences those around us to say or not say something, to do or not to do something, right?

This is how we shape the reality we are living in.

Knowing this, we can choose to build the reality we are looking for.

I guess the human race could escape from our current state of injustice regarding the distribution of prosperity.

Some people blame those on the top of “The Pyramid”. What about those who “kindly” accept and respect the inequity, being passive?

We are a community of people who like and advocate the principle of equality for all people, are we?

We adopted the pattern of consent regarding the decision-making process and we organize ourselves in circles (work groups) that have certain missions and aims.

When we enlarge all the circles, the shape should become a very large circle and one of our “duty” is to ensure that the bigger circle remains continuous, without any interruptions.

My question is: Are we aware of the “Big All” when we work in our local circle roles?

Let’s take care of our SoFA “BALL” (Big All) Circle and we will win “the game”.

Your friend,
because I care

p.s. 1 Yes, you are right! There is not a SoFA Circle named “BALL” (Big All) Circle yet, but it was just invented. Nothing can stop us from forming it if we consider it useful. It could be a BALL (Big All) Circle where people from different SoFA circles could meet and discuss some topics without the pressure to decide something. We could become more connected with each other and add that “glue” that could keep us together. The SoFA BALL (Big All) Circle would be an opportunity to socialize. I am sure that its meetings could bring more clarity and more understanding to all of us, so that we could work together more smoothly. It is not to consent to something but to be sure people’s voices are heard on time. What do you think about such a BALL (Big All) Circle? Yes, I guess it should be a child circle to the General Circle, mirroring the Mission Circle. Members also need a BALL (Big All) Circle of their own. Or not?

The ball is to be rolled …

p.s. 2 This is my voice, represent my own thoughts and feelings and do not represent anyone else.

It’s not uncommon to have a plenary/Town Hall/Full Circle kind of meeting. In SoFA, we’ve tried these things and typically not many people have showed up. I think people in SoFA tend to be action oriented :slight_smile: Then again, the more strategic sessions for all members typically worked out well, I always enjoyed those.
This was before your time but we had a warm data session a few times, and that was “just” for connection and I enjoyed it a lot.

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This made me laugh! (smile) :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback. I hope we will have another opportunity to discuss this. Humans, as living systems, have two poles that influence decisions: the rational one (let’s say the mind) and the emotional one (let’s say the heart). A decision can be well supported when there is a consent between the mind and the heart (between the rational and the emotional layers). That’s where the expression comes from: “If your heart lets you …” SoFA “BALL” (Big All) Circle I talked about would implement a continuous survey about how people feel. It would be a dedicated live connection / networking “agora”. If it is useful, please take it into consideration, in the “right” circle / domain.
Thank you!

Your friend,
because I care

I understand the vision of ongoing survey; Membership Circle is doing that periodically; the rest is here on the forum. So, you’re already in it, it’s just asynchronous.

I see … So it’s already been decided to be asynchronous … “Who decides who decides?” it’s a live topic, right? Thank you for clearing it up for me.

Your friend,
because I care

Well, that’s part of what I said, yes. The other part is that cross-connection meetings and surveys also happen.