Who Decides Who Decides by Ted Rau

Who Decides Who Decides by Ted Rau

The first book I read about sociocracy was Who Decides Who Decides by Ted Rau. I bought it from SoFA site here:

I recommend you to (re)read this book as soon as possible:

Who Decides Who Decides by Ted Rau

“Who decides who decides?” is a question that has been explored by various scholars and thinkers, including Ted Rau, a consultant in sociocracy who works with organizations to improve their decision-making processes.

Ted Rau argues that in order for organizations to make effective decisions, it is important to establish clear and transparent decision-making processes that are aligned with the organization’s vision and aims.

This includes identifying who has decision-making authority and how decisions are made, as well as establishing mechanisms for accountability and feedback.

According to Ted Rau, effective decision-making requires a balance between centralization and decentralization, with decisions being made at the appropriate level of the organization based on factors such as expertise, proximity to the issue, and the potential impact of the decision.

To do this, the general aim of the organization is distributed through the entire organization, in a horizontal way, to the entire nestled network of circles and domains that don’t overlap each other. In the same time, the decision-making power is distributed as well, so that the circles work autonomously in their specific domains, sustaining the overall wellbeing of the organization in the same time.

He also emphasizes the importance of involving diverse perspectives and stakeholders in the decision-making process, in order to ensure that decisions are informed by a range of perspectives and experiences.

Ted’s approach emphasizes the importance of clarity, transparency, and inclusivity in decision-making, as well as the need to continuously evaluate and improve decision-making processes over time.

As always, in life it is a good idea to combine theory with practice.

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